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2016-2017 AAGC Gifted Student Video Contest

Challenge your students with a video contest. Students must create a video that is two minutes or less and promotes the 2016
conference theme of "Gifted from All Angles". Within the video, the student must explain what it means to be gifted, why and
how gifted education is from all angles, and how it has made a difference in the student’s life. The continued running theme
is the importance of gifted education and the need for funding in Alabama so that ALL gifted students receive direct gifted services
in their districts.

Each gifted teacher must submit only one entry per category. Therefore, if you have ten students who want to submit a video for
the Individual 3rd Grade bracket, you will need to hold a contest to select only ONE entry of ONE individual student for that bracket.
Also, the Whole class bracket will include the video of the whole class and not small groups.

Additional requirements are:

*Categories are Individual only or Whole class.
*Contest is open to all gifted students grades 3 through 12.
*Students must be in the state of Alabama.
*Gifted teacher must be a member of AAGC.
*All winners will have their products posted on the AAGC website.
*By submitting your video for consideration in the Contest, you grant AAGC a royalty-free and irrevocable right to reproduce, publish,
  display, broad cast, stream or otherwise use your product in whole or part, in any media including the Internet.
*There are no fees associated with the contest.
*Submit an email with the link to the video and scanned copies of the consent forms to: Debbie Dumais at
  with "AAGC Individual Video" or "AAGC Whole Class Video" in the subject line of the email by 11:59PM on TBD 2017.

   Download the video contest application: AAGC Video Contest Registration Form


  Gifted Education Month  The Alabama Association for Gifted Children (AAGC) will hold its annual conference at the McWane Science Center in Birmingham Alabama on September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.  Our theme this year is "Gifted, From All Angles.”  Our program coordinator, Dr. Patti Wood has planned an abundance of sessions over the three day event that I am sure will  meet the needs of gifted specialist, parents and administrators seeking information on the unique population of students. 2016 AAGC Conference   

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