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The mission of the Alabama Association for Gifted Children is to provide advocacy leadership, and support to assist educators, parents, and community partners in meeting the educational and affective needs of gifted children and youth in Alabama.

Thank you so much for participating in our Gifted Education Month 2024 celebration!  We need everyone to continuing to be a champion for our gifted students.  To let your elected officials know the importance of gifted education, go to our page at  https://alabamagifted.org/advocacy  Our gifted students deserve to learn something new every single day.

PD Webinar Series 

Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 6:00 pm CT

The Case for Critical Thinking

This session shares the research behind explicit instruction of critical and creative thinking skills. Each of five core skills will be discussed: analytical, convergent, divergent, evaluative, and visual-spatial thinking. Within each core skill, we will discuss strategies for scaffolding instruction to guide students toward mastery of the thinking skills, as well as practical classroom connections linking the skills to the core curriculum. Participants will leave the session inspired to get their students thinking in more meaningful ways, and with tools to implement critical and creative thinking instruction into their everyday practice.

Meet The Gateway Gals

Emily Hollett is an award-winning gifted educator who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She has taught all elementary gradesthroughout her career and has been in gifted education since 2014. Emily and her husband are also the parents of gifted children, and Emily is passionate about advancing access to excellent curriculum and services for all gifted learners.

Anna Cassalia is a gifted educator and author dedicated to ensuring learning opportunities for all students to reach their highest potential. For the past 20 years, she has focused her talents on gifted education, writing curriculum and presenting her work at both state and national conferences. Anna has authored multiple articles published in journals such as Gifted Child Quarterly, Teaching for High Potential, Creative Learning Today, and Tapestry of Knowledge. Anna is passionate about advancing excellent curriculum and services for all gifted students.

Register at: https://alabamagifted.org/event-5634117 

Gifted advocacy takes a year-round effort.   We made great strides this last legislative year but we are far from the much needed funds to make full-funding a reality.  Share what is happening in your classroom on all your social media outlets.  Reach out to your elected officials.  Until gifted education is fully funded, we will continue striving for that goal!  Go here, to find out what you can do!




AAGC is pleased to announce two monthly podcasts.  Have you listened yet?


 AAGC Gifted Chat Podcast  is a 15-20 minute conversation with leaders in the field of gifted discussing topics important to them. Then after you listen to the podcast, join the conversation on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/AAGCGiftedChat. Each Gifted Chat episode will have a separate post on FB with questions to continue the conversation and share ideas and resources.



Think Like a....where we will explore different professions to see what it takes to be successful.  We hope you will join us each month to listen to a conversation with a professional in a career.  We will learn what skills are required to be successful and education requirements, and what you really do in this career.

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