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This is a link to the Advocacy Tool Kit.

We need everyone to Tweet, call, write, or visit their legislators. . Afraid to Tweet? Call them.  Can’t Tweet during the day?  Use a program such as Hootsuite which will schedule your Tweets.  

Here is a list of Twitter names we have been compiling.  If you learn of more, email us at  

For up to date information, join our Facebook group – AAGC group.


You can reach the Alabama State Legislature Home Page at this link:

▪    Please make your opinions known to your legislator. Support education in Alabama. Let legislators know you appreciate gifted education.

▪   Phone calls and personal visits have a great impact followed by letters and emails. Please take the time to make a contact.

Local School Board Members have a great impact on curricular goals – have you told your Board members how much you appreciate the gifted programs in your school?

Share this with your legislators – Addressing the Urgent Need for State Funding of Gifted Education.

Encourage your students and parents to write to their elected officials.  You can find the address of your House Representative and Senator at this website.  In the left-hand column is a place to type in your zip code to find who represents you and your school.  Following are samples letters you may use if you like, to adapt to your particular school and situation.

Sample Student Letter

Sample Letter to Rep

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