The Alabama Association for Gifted Children (AAGC) is pleased to announce our Webinar Series presented virtually. We will feature local and national speakers to help you understand, support, and advocate for your gifted children. 

The Heart of MATTER: Understanding the Adolescent Brain

to Connect to the Heart

Ever feel like your child isn't speaking the same language as you?  Adolescence is the second greatest time of new construction in the brain. The changes that occur create uncertainty, anxiety, heightened curiosity, and a quest for independence within your child and frustration, confusion and disconnect within parents. This session will help you depersonalize adolescent responses and build strong connections to their hearts because that is what MATTERS most. The latest research will be shared and practical steps to build or rebuild your relationship with your adolescent child.

Sherri Spears M. Ed Secondary ELA, Gifted Specialist K-12,  lives in Chelsea, AL with her husband, Daryl, and her four children Steven(16), Annika(15), Vivi(10), and Emery(7). She is a lover of nature, animals, poetry, art, neuroscience, humor, satire, TED Talks, roller coasters, milkshakes, horror movies/stories, and a good meme. Sherri has spent 21 years as an educator teaching middle and high school students. In 2013 she accepted the Gifted Education Lead Teacher position for Shelby County Schools which has allowed her to pursue research and professional learning in educational neuroscience, adolescent brain development, trauma-informed teaching, ADHD, executive function disorder, Dyslexia, and gifted education. Her hope is that by equipping adults with a scientific understanding of the nature and needs of adolescents, classrooms and families will be transformed and positive support systems will be created in the lives of the adolescents who need trustworthy, safe, non-anxious adults to guide and support them. 

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Simple Strategies for STEM and Enrichment at Home

Brooke Brown is a National Board Certified Early Childhood Teacher with 18 years of teaching experience in Kindergarten through third grade. She iscurrently a Gifted Resource Coordinator for early childhood students, teaching Gifted and Talented, math and literacy enrichment, and STEM. Brooke is a former district Teacher of the Year and has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She creates original teaching resources as the owner of Teach Outside the Box®, is a product developer for hand2mind, and is the inventor of STEM Bins®. Brooke is passionate about STEM, coding and robotics, Makerspaces, hands-on literacy, and purposeful play for elementary students. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her husband, Andy, and two children, Ellie and Beau. Learn more about Brooke on

Webinar Recording:

Password: BBrown_March2022


MI survey

Lego How to Academy YouTube

Stem Bins at Home

Maker Stations 

APT and PBS Resources to Extend Learning

and Challenge Students

Kathy LeCroy, Education Specialist

Alabama Public Television

Parents and students, come explore all the free digital resources from Alabama Public Television and PBS for all grade levels and subject areas. A variety of digital resources are available for use both at school and at home. No log in required. The resources integrate with Google Classroom, Schoology, Nearpod, See Saw, Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, PearDeck and many other tech tools. Explore the interactives, videos and so much more to enrich learning and extend content knowledge. Students can use these digital resources to research topics and design their own projects to demonstrate learning. PBS LearningMedia provides content for PreK-13+ and includes many favorite PBS programs such as: Ken Burns in the Classroom, PBS Kids collections, Nova, Nature, diversity resources, and so much more. So, if you are ready to discover and design innovative learning opportunities to challenge your children as they learn, join us to see the many resources available.

Parenting Gifted Kids:

Answering your most burning questions

Celi Trépanier, M.Ed., is the author of Educating Your Gifted Child: How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling, the managing author for Perspectives on Giftedness: Sound Advice from Parents and  Professionals, and she writes for her own popular website, Crushing Tall Poppies. Celi serves onThe G  Word film Advisory Board. As an educator, Celi has taught in public and private schools as well as in  homeschool co-ops. If you ask what her most significant accomplishment is, she may think she should say  being a mom to three gifted sons; ultimately, though, she’ll proclaim it to be her role as an influential  gifted advocate.  Recording of this webinar can be found at

April 13, 2021, 6:45 pm 

Supporting Gifted & Talented Students through Social and Emotional Concerns 

Gifted and talented students are at greater risk for experiencing social and emotional concerns. Parents, teachers, counselors and gifted students must all work together to support the special needs and aspects of gifted students in today’s educational environment. Several social and emotional problems will be highlighted, with supportive recommendations made for each.

Dr. Laura I. Hodges graduated with a BA in French, a MA degree in Counseling, both from Stephen F. Austin State University,and a PhD in Counselor Education from Sam Houston State University. She has 15 years of service in the public school setting as a teacher and school counselor. Dr. Hodges is an Alabama Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S), a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S), a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS). Her experience includes serving as a school counselor at all levels and in all sizes of school districts, from rural to urban settings. She is an Assistant Professor, School Counseling Coordinator, Clinical Coordinator for the Montgomery campus, and the EdS in School Counseling program Coordinator at Troy University.


Password: LHodgePW42021

January 12, 2021 6:30 p.m.

PICKING UP THE PIECES: Making Lemonade Out of the Lemon that was 2020

Well, 2020 happened. It felt like the world as we knew came crashing down and smashed into a million little pieces. And now, in 2021 we are picking up those pieces and trying to make sense of a new normal. But how do we move forward? Do we rebuild things in exactly the same way? Or do we use this as our opportunity to reinvent ourselves and the way that we do things. In this session for parents, teachers, and gifted kids, we will examine some strategies that we can all utilize to develop a creative and productive path forward to a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.

Brian Housand - Coordinator of theAcademically or Intellectually Gifted Program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington/Gifted 360

Brian also works as an educational consultant working with schools, districts, and educational organizations. His work focuses on the integration of technology and creativity into the learning environment. He is a self-proclaimed  GEEK. working as an educational consultant with schools, districts, and educational organizations. His work focuses on the integration of technologyand creativity into the learning environment. 

Brian taught 4th and 2nd grade, and then was an elementary teacher of the gifted in the Atlanta Metro Area. He earned a Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in Gifted Education. He was a graduate research assistant at theNational Research Center on the Gifted and Talented at the University of Connecticut and worked to help develop the Schoolwide Enrichment Model Reading Framework (SEM-R). He was an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Gifted Program at East Carolina University for 10 years. He served two terms on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Gifted Children as a Member-at-Large and served two years as the chair of the NAGC Computer and Technology Network. He co-authored Using the Schoolwide Enrichment Model with Technology with Angela Housand and Joe Renzulli. He wrote Fighting Fake News! Teaching Critical Thinking and Media Literacy in a Digital Age.

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Password: Webinar_BHousand2021

You can also find a link to this webinar on the AAGC member's only webinar web page. 



Twitter: @BrianHousand


Go to website to sign up for Brian's newsletter: Inside Brian's Brain.

December 1, 2020 at 6:30 PM

*Building Executive Functioning Skills

The Absent-minded Professor is more than a funny show: it’s the reality of life for many gifted individuals. In this session we’ll explore how to help students strengthen their skills in this area. You’ll learn practical tips you can implement right away in homes and classrooms.

Lisa Van Gemert shares best practices in education with audiences around theworld. She is an expert consult to television shows including Lifetime’s "Child Genius," a writer of award-winning lesson plans, numerous articles on social psychology and pedagogy, and four books, including the award-winning Perfectionism: A Practical Guide to Managing Never Good Enough. A former teacher, school administrator, and Youth & Education Ambassador for Mensa, she shares resources for educators and parents on her websites and

We do not have permission to record this Webinar but here is a list of resources recommended.

Oct 27, 2020 at 6:30 PM

Dr. Patti Wood, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Director of Gifted Education at Samford University, will present - "Understanding Your Gifted Child: Raising Happy and Successful Lifelong Learners"

This informative webinar will offer insights into what makes gifted children who they are and what parents can do to understand their gifted child’s educational and social needs. 

This is the first in a series of webinars for parents of gifted children. Recording of this webinar can be found at

Future webinars will be available free of charge with your paid annual AAGC membership dues of $25. You can join AAGC by clicking

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